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Balcony safety nets

Welcome to NR Safety Nets

NR Safety Nets was one of the major traders and giving the best service across Bangalore, We have a net installation professional, who can fix nets in any safety required areas.

We attempt to get flawlessness the plans in every one of our items and Ensure Timely delivery. Apart from our immense scope of items. We give simply the best as far as quality and no trade off is made surveys on This front. Also, we Ensure That All our items are accessible at focused costs and the achieve our clients before the due date.

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All Kinds Of Safety Nets Services


Balcony Safety Nets

People love spent time with their loving families at balcony. As we all know without balconies in a building it doesnt appear as a beauty of luxury. It is very difficult to compromise with the appearance of balcony at high rise buildings.Balcony Safety Nets On the other side safety measure also applicable to every balconies.

nr safety nets

Children Safety Nets

Children or kids safety nets are helps to protect your child from falling out from window, balcony, terrace or staircase. This is much more than what is needed to keep a child or even grownup from falling. We are providing the best children safety nets across Bangalore. The net will not continue to tear. Also there are no sharp edges that could harm your child. It is safe, reliable and well designed.


Construction Safety Nets

Construction safety nets now a days are very important when constructing a building and Apartments. Falling from the height is very dangerous when build the construction either materials or workers. Our Construction safety nets team has established underneath a work area to minimize the wounds in the case of someone or something falls.


Duct Area Safety Nets

Our dynamic team has expert personnel to cover a duct area, where is not possible easily. Our team has specially made belts and ropes that will be utilized in our duct areas. These products are useful for workers when they work at height places. Duct area safety nets productions are highly demanded in engineering, construction and manufacturing industries.


Industrial Safety Nets

Industrial safety nets that are obtain from authorized market vendors. Our safety nets system hold debris or person at a time because industrial safety nets must be heavy duty and incorporate, a UV coating to stand up to the elements outdoors. NR Safety Nets industrial safety nets are ideal for many material handling application and pre packed or custom configurations.


Swimming Pool Safety Nets

Generally Swimming pool safety nets are fabricated for child safety drowning prevention. Several people are not trusting on pool alarms, gates to preserve their child from drowning. These peoples are select ultimate control across to the pool and spa. the swimming pool safety nets are fitted to your & can be formed as required to fit around obstructions


Bird Spikes

We are providing best quality bird Spikes and offer you the technologically advanced bird menace solutions in bird proofing your residence and office with the Bird Spikes and pigeon spikes. Bird Spikes do not harm birds at all. It is highly eco-friendly and hence quite popular.


Monkey Safety Nets

Monkey Safety Nets are used to avoid monkey’s entering your premises and protect your family and property. These nets are Thick & Hard in size. If any trees around your house or offices. It’s quite common that monkeys plays on tree’s root and stem. If tree is touching your building terrace or balcony monkeys will be troubling you a lot. If you’re in the same situation then feel free to reach Out.


Cricket Practice Nets

Sports net is useful in creating safer space out of a limited area. Many cricket pitches can be created in a given area if it is separated by nets. Our team also has a solution for your playing area with the use of Crickets / Sports Net. So we can enjoy our game without any trouble. We find customer requirements of sports related nets.


Car Parking Safety Nets

Our Car parking safety nets will protect your vehicles from heat, rain, and wind. Especially companies and industries are need of parking lot nets because they have responsibilities to protect employees’ vehicles. Parking lots and garages are convenient and necessary for many businesses, but car accidents and predators can make them hazardous places at very less price.


Pigeon Nets

Birds or pigeons are release menace is the most dangerous thing, it is a poison will creates heat and it also contains an acid which will remove your painting of the car or bike. Pigeons menace will create bad smell for whoever living in apartments Due to that humans are affected with lung diseases others. It can  effect rest on Metal items like windows, doors, gates & Railings. Our pigeon nets can solve your problem in harmless manner Without Killing or Hurting the Birds & Pigeons we do fix Pigeon Nets for Balconies, Bird Nets Installation in Bangalore.


Anti Bird Nets

We have seen very occasions that Pigeons or different types of Birds make a great deal of ruin by dirtying our overhangs, so now can give you a changeless, delightful and savvy answer for that, by giving you hostile to feathered creature/pigeon net. Pigeons and feathered creatures entering lofts, plants, inns and clinics is a noteworthy issue and issue for any regular man. Their droppings causes a terrible condition, thus we give the nets which shields the territory from such occurrences.